, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the suspension of its institutional exchange service in the United States starting from June 21. The decision to suspend the service is primarily attributed to limited demand from institutional customers, compounded by challenging market conditions. has emphasized that its retail mobile application and platform will remain fully operational in the United States, ensuring uninterrupted services for individual retail users.


The move to suspend the institutional exchange service reflects’s strategic realignment in response to market dynamics. The exchange has communicated the decision to its institutional users in advance, allowing them to make alternative arrangements. While the current suspension is in effect, has expressed openness to potentially relaunching its institutional exchange in the United States if market conditions change .

It is worth noting that despite the suspension of the institutional exchange, recently obtained a major payment institution license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, enabling it to offer digital payment token services in Singapore. This highlights the exchange’s commitment to expanding its services globally, even as it adjusts its offerings in specific markets.

In the United States,’s retail users will still have access to cryptocurrency derivatives trading, regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Additionally, the exchange’s UpDown Options product will continue to be available, allowing users to open long or short trading positions on the future movements of various cryptocurrencies. These offerings ensure that retail customers can continue to engage in cryptocurrency trading and investment activities through’s platform.

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The suspension of’s institutional exchange service comes at a time of increased scrutiny and regulatory actions against cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. Both Binance.US and Coinbase have faced legal proceedings initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for alleged violations of securities laws. The SEC’s actions have triggered discussions and debates within the wider cryptocurrency community, as the regulatory landscape evolves and potentially tightens.

While has not been directly targeted by the SEC, the exchange remains attentive to the changing regulatory environment. The decision to suspend its institutional exchange service in the United States may reflect the exchange’s proactive approach to compliance and risk management. By aligning its services with market demand and regulatory expectations, aims to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of its operations.

In conclusion,’s suspension of its institutional exchange service in the United States is driven by limited demand from institutional customers and prevailing market conditions. However, the exchange’s retail mobile application and platform will continue to operate, providing uninterrupted services to individual retail users. The decision reflects’s strategic adaptation to market dynamics and its commitment to regulatory compliance. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, remains open to the possibility of relaunching its institutional exchange in the United States in the future.

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