Robinhood Connect, like Coinbase Pay and MoonPay, lets customers utilize credit or debit cards to buy and sell cryptocurrencies straight to and from their self-custody wallet or in DApps.

Robinhood enables self-custodied wallets and DApps to convert to cryptocurrency

Developers may include Robinhood Connect into Web3 apps. Customers may log in and transact without opening the Robinhood website or app on DApps.

The service now supports MyDoge, Giddy, and Slingshot, but Exodus and Phantom support is coming soon. In a corporate blog post, Robinhood Crypto general manager Johann Kerbrat said the program was created to attract more people to cryptocurrency:

“Crypto and Web3 have the potential to change the future of the financial system for the better, but we recognize there are still significant hurdles preventing broader adoption.”

Robinhood Connect is one of the few conventional financial organizations in the fiat-to-crypto industry.

Robinhood boasts 23 million users and $74.7 billion in assets as of January 2023. Coinbase claims 110 million verified users and $80 billion in on-platform assets, although this is far lower. MoonPay has five million users, whereas Webull has 13 million.

The business included stop orders and stop limit orders to the Robinhood app along with Robinhood Connect.

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