Meanwhile, a groundbreaking life insurance startup, has recently secured $19 million in funding through two seed rounds. Led by prominent investors Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, and Gradient Ventures, the startup aims to revolutionize the insurance industry by offering life insurance policies denominated in Bitcoin (BTC).


This innovative approach caters to U.S. citizens with significant BTC holdings, providing them with a tax-advantaged way to safeguard their families. Meanwhile’s incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in underwriting, claims, and operations further distinguishes it from traditional insurers. Let’s delve deeper into this pioneering company’s mission and its implications for the emerging Bitcoin economy.

Redefining Life Insurance with Bitcoin

Meanwhile, formerly known as Standard Crypto Insurance, has emerged as the first-ever life insurance company exclusively denominated in a cryptocurrency. By leveraging Bitcoin’s growing popularity as a store of value and a functional currency, Meanwhile aims to develop a full-stack life insurance company that serves over a billion people worldwide. The startup acknowledges the long-term potential of BTC and enables policyholders to denominate their life insurance payouts in this digital asset. While fluctuations in the Bitcoin market may affect the value of payouts, Meanwhile’s CEO, Zac Townsend, asserts that the company takes premiums and pays out claims exclusively in BTC, ensuring that market volatility does not impact its guarantees.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

One of Meanwhile’s key differentiators is its utilization of artificial intelligence in various aspects of its operations. The incorporation of AI technology enables the company to streamline processes such as underwriting and claims assessment, making them more efficient and accurate. By automating these processes, Meanwhile minimizes the need for manual intervention, reducing the time and effort required for policy issuance and claim settlement. This innovative approach enhances customer experience while maintaining a high level of reliability.

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Implications for the Bitcoin Economy

Meanwhile’s introduction of Bitcoin-denominated life insurance opens up new possibilities for the expanding Bitcoin economy. With an increasing number of individuals embracing BTC as a long-term investment asset, the demand for innovative financial solutions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to grow. By providing life insurance policies denominated in Bitcoin, Meanwhile caters to the unique needs of individuals with significant BTC holdings, allowing them to protect their families while enjoying tax advantages. This offering aligns with the long-term perspective of Bitcoin holders, who believe in the digital currency’s value and potential over time.


The recent $19 million funding secured by Meanwhile in its seed rounds, led by prominent investors including Sam Altman and Gradient Ventures, signifies a significant milestone for the company. As the first-ever life insurer denominated entirely in Bitcoin, Meanwhile pioneers a new era of life insurance tailored for individuals with significant BTC holdings. By leveraging artificial intelligence and operating exclusively in digital assets, Meanwhile aims to revolutionize the insurance industry and provide frictionless experiences to policyholders. As the Bitcoin economy continues to evolve, Meanwhile’s innovative approach and commitment to long-term value have the potential to reshape the way individuals safeguard their futures.

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