John Deaton, a well-known digital asset lawyer and supporter for the Ripple and XRP communities, has revealed his personal investment portfolio as well as his thoughts on the XRP Army. While Deaton has been a long-time admirer of Ripple and XRP, he recently disclosed that his Bitcoin (BTC) holdings much outnumber his XRP investment.

John Deaton, a well-known crypto lawyer, discusses his portfolio and XRP Advocacy.


In this post, we will look at Deaton’s statements, his position within the XRP community, and his thoughts on the regulatory problems that Ripple and the cryptocurrency sector face.

Portfolio Composition of John Deaton

John Deaton gave insights into his own digital asset portfolio in a tweet sent at the XRP Las Vegas 2023 event. He admitted that his BTC investment is more significant than his XRP investment. Deaton displayed humor in his hope that his “XRP family” would overlook and forgive this predilection. This disclosure sheds information on Deaton’s investing approach and demonstrates the breadth of digital assets in his portfolio.

The Active XRP Community

While acknowledging his substantial BTC holdings, Deaton lauded the XRP community for its brightness, expertise, and enthusiasm. The XRP Army, as it is colloquially known, has a reputation for being one of the most active and passionate cryptocurrency groups. Deaton’s support for the XRP community emphasizes its relevance and impact within the larger crypto ecosystem.

Criticism of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

As a supporter of Ripple and XRP, John Deaton has frequently chastised the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a lack of regulatory clarity and knowledge of digital assets. Deaton’s remarks reflect his dissatisfaction with the SEC’s handling of the legal dispute between Ripple and the regulatory body. He has accused the SEC of being “indefensible” and “broken” un its treatment of the matter, as well as of failing to develop a clear legal framework in the United States for digital assets. These complaints are consistent with Ripple and XRP supporters’ persistent worries about regulatory uncertainty and its influence on crypto sector innovation and development.

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Ripple’s Refusal to Leverage XRP

It is worth remembering that Deaton previously claimed that Ripple will not use XRP in its newly announced liquidity hub owing to regulatory uncertainty in the United States. This decision reflects Ripple’s cautious attitude in light of the continuing legal battles with the SEC. Deaton’s recognition of this reality illustrates Ripple’s difficulty in negotiating the legal environment, as well as the significance of creating clear norms for digital assets.


Recent statements by John Deaton on his investment portfolio and support for the XRP community give significant insights into the viewpoints of a notable digital asset lawyer. In his own holdings, his preference for Bitcoin versus XRP highlights the variety of investing methods available in the crypto market. Furthermore, Deaton’s criticism of the US Securities and Exchange Commission underlines the continuous need for regulatory certainty in the cryptocurrency business to support innovation and development. As Ripple continues its legal struggle and XRP supporters lobby for a more favorable regulatory climate, Deaton’s observations add to the continuing debate over digital assets and their legal foundation.