Infogain, a leading IT company based in Silicon Valley, is gearing up for growth with a focus on digitization and customer experience. The company plans to hire over 1,000 professionals in the current fiscal year and actively seeks acquisitions to enhance its capabilities.

Infogain to Expand Workforce and Pursue Acquisitions for Growth.


Infogain’s global presence, extensive delivery centers, and expertise in digital platforms and software engineering services position it to capitalize on the increasing demand for digital transformation. This article explores Infogain’s expansion plans, its commitment to its employees, and its strategies for sustained growth.

Prioritizing Digitization and Customer Experience

In an interview with PTI, Dayapatra Nevatia, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Infogain, emphasized that businesses are prioritizing digitization and customer experience to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Recognizing this trend, Infogain remains committed to its three-year growth and business blueprint, focusing on delivering digital platforms using cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, microservices, automation, IoT, and AI.

Expanding the Workforce

Infogain aims to hire more than 1,000 professionals in the current fiscal year, with a significant portion of the hires planned for India. The company’s global headcount currently stands at 6,000, with approximately 5,000 employees based in India. Despite market uncertainties, Infogain’s order book remains healthy, and the company expects minimal impact from temporary softness in the market. Nevatia reassured that there would be no layoffs and expressed confidence in the long-term prospects and investments that would allow Infogain to respond quickly to market recovery.

Strategic Acquisitions

Infogain is actively seeking acquisitions to deepen its capabilities and enhance its offerings. The company aims to strengthen its expertise in experience-led solutions, data analytics, digitization, and AI. Past acquisitions, such as Silicus Technologies and Absolutdata, have already expanded Infogain’s portfolio and enabled it to serve a wider range of clients. With a focus on both India and the United States, Infogain aims to acquire companies that align with its existing capabilities and offer solutions in areas where it already operates.

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Expanding Presence in India

Infogain plans to expand its presence in India by evaluating two to three more centers, primarily in Tier 2 cities. This expansion aims to provide more options to employees in the hybrid work environment expected in the future. By establishing satellite centers, Infogain can tap into talent pools in additional locations and further strengthen its delivery capabilities.


Infogain’s strategic focus on digitization, customer experience, and talent acquisition positions the company for sustained growth in the IT industry. With plans to hire over 1,000 professionals in the current fiscal year, Infogain reaffirms its commitment to its employees and their development. The company’s confidence in the market and its healthy order book reflect the continued demand for digital transformation services. By actively pursuing strategic acquisitions and expanding its presence in India, Infogain aims to deepen its capabilities and meet the evolving needs of its clients. As Infogain continues to drive digital innovation and deliver exceptional solutions, it remains a prominent player in the technology services landscape.