In an interview, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said that he believed Bitcoin’s market share will quadruple over the next years. According to Saylor, Bitcoin’s long-term potential is still far from being completely realized, and the top cryptocurrency has a promising future.

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Saylor’s strong outlook on Bitcoin is not unexpected given his track record and enthusiastic past forecasts. In a recent interview, he predicted that the price of Bitcoin will rise indefinitely and ultimately exceed the value of the U.S. stock market by reaching a market cap of $100 trillion.

Saylor’s business intelligence company, MicroStrategy, has been heavily engaged in Bitcoin investments. The firm presently has 132,500 BTC worth of Bitcoin on its balance sheet, which is a considerable sum. Saylor’s confidence in Bitcoin is unwavering despite seeing swings in the value of their assets.

In recent years, Bitcoin has beaten other conventional assets like gold, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq 100 index, garnering considerable attention. Since August 2020, Bitcoin has grown by 86%, while gold has decreased by 10% during the same time. Saylor thinks Bitcoin is the greatest investment choice for MicroStrategy since it has consistently outperformed other assets across a range of timeframes.

Saylor also emphasizes the need of taking into account various investing timelines. He sees Bitcoin as a risk-free store of wealth for investors with a longer time horizon, despite the fact that it may look volatile in the near term. Saylor emphasizes that no one has ever lost money investing in Bitcoin during that time period and believes that a minimum investment term of four years has traditionally produced favorable outcomes for Bitcoin.

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It’s important to remember that the cryptocurrency market is inherently unstable and susceptible to a variety of variables, such as prevailing market mood, governmental restrictions, and technical developments. Saylor bases his ideas and forecasts regarding Bitcoin’s future domination on his study and expertise, but it’s crucial for investors to perform their own research and proceed with care before making any investments.

In conclusion, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor continues to be enthusiastic on Bitcoin and believes that its market share will double in the next years. The past performance of Bitcoin and its potential as a store of value asset justify his upbeat prognosis. But just like with other investment, it’s important to approach the cryptocurrency market thoughtfully and to make choices based on personal risk tolerance and research.

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