Cardano (ADA), the native token of the Cardano blockchain, has recently experienced a significant surge in buying activity from whales, indicating increased market participation by large investors. In the past 24 hours, ADA witnessed a remarkable increase in large transactions, totaling nearly $2.5 billion. This surge in on-chain metrics reflects notable buying activity and suggests potential implications for the future price movement of the Cardano token.


The Rise of Large ADA Transactions

Data from IntoTheBlock reveals that the total number of ADA involved in large transactions rose by 5.8 billion, reaching a total of 63.57 billion ADA. These large transactions are defined as those equivalent to $100,000 or more, and their significant increase highlights a surge in trading activity among major investors. In just one day, the number of large transactions surged to 14,780, which is 4,790 more than the previous day.

Notable Buying Activity and Net Flow

Simultaneously, there was a substantial influx of 68.73 million ADA observed among large Cardano holders, representing a remarkable 123.6% increase compared to the previous day. However, it is important to note that data on outflows indicates that 90.4% of the incoming tokens originated from overflow among the wallets of large ADA holders. Despite this, the net flow value remains positive at 6.61 million ADA.

Interpreting the Market Behavior

Surges in activity from major investors often occur during periods of relative market calm. Currently, the price of ADA has been range-bound for 27 days, suggesting a prolonged accumulation phase. While this phase might give the impression of little happening, on-chain metrics reveal a certain level of buying activity among large Cardano holders. However, it remains uncertain whether this buying activity is a precursor to a future price rise that would benefit those quietly accumulating ADA.

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Caution and Price Impact

Although increased buying activity among large Cardano holders suggests positive sentiment, it does not guarantee a significant price increase in the near term. The market remains cautious about the potential price impact of these developments, considering the ongoing range-bound price movement of ADA. Investors should remain vigilant and consider multiple factors before making investment decisions related to Cardano.


Cardano’s recent surge in large ADA transactions and notable buying activity among major investors highlight increased market participation. However, the prolonged accumulation phase and the range-bound price movement of ADA for the past 27 days indicate a cautious market sentiment. While the on-chain metrics suggest positive activity, it is uncertain whether this will lead to a significant price increase in the near term. Investors should carefully evaluate the market dynamics and consider various factors before making decisions regarding their Cardano investments.